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Online sex is mostly done through a chat room of some kind (it really depends on which site you’re on), Simple by utilizing the stars or dashes * to mark what you do. For example: “Come here sweetie and kiss you” This is a common phrase used when people are seeking out a love affair. Online sex can be as simple or as involved as you choose. The above is an example of a conversation used in a dating site.

Phone Sex: This is a form of in-person sex work. Most often this is done over the phone or through a computer/cell phone. Often this is done through text messaging. A lot of people use phone sex because it’s discreet, anonymous, and quick (usually less than a minute long).

Text-to Speech: Text-to-speech is another way of getting a person to engage in online platform. These are usually short voice clips that come in a number of different formats. Some examples are MP3 files, podcasts, or voice mails.

Short Videos: There are several different platforms for short video clips. Some examples include games, movies, short web-casts, and even live TV shows. Many popular and/or adult websites offer these. Generally, the payouts for video clips are very small, but there are also some that offer very large one-time-only payouts for very large amounts.

Paid Camming: Paid camming is a form of phone sex work that utilizes professional cameras (many of which do not require batteries). Most of these are run by freelance workers (there are a few that are run by private companies). Most of these are run through third-party websites. The payouts for paid calling are typically quite high, and they generally have a higher payout rate than other types of online platform.

Webcams: Webcams are a great way for people to express themselves and also get paid. There are quite a few sites online that allow people to make use of webcams. This is a good option for platform workers as it is a great way to establish a level of trust between the webcam users and the website owners. The downside to this is that most of the time, these platforms charge an annual or monthly subscription fee.

Third-Party Platforms: Using a third-party platform is also another way for adult content to be viewed over the internet. There are a lot of sites on the internet today that allows people to view and/or get paid for camming activities. A few of these are adult chat rooms, live gaming, and/or erotic dating sites.

Phone Sex: Phone Sex work is a relatively new form of platform. It combines the convenience of having a webcam with the ability to make payouts through your phone (by using a 3rd party platform). This is a great form of online business for many people. Many online work from home workers make good money by setting up a private phone sex line. The best phone sex lines are premium services with high payout rates.

Social Media Promotion: Getting involved with social media is a good option for many workers. Adult websites like MySpace and Facebook have become highly popular tools for networking and marketing. By promoting your website through these sites you can attract new clients and workers. Many of these social media sites allow for affiliate marketing where you can get paid whenever someone you refer completes a purchase or subscription.

Directories: Some adult websites like Phone Sex Chat use directories as a means of attracting new clients. Directories offer a great way for online workers to showcase their skills and knowledge of different sex products. Clients can search and find adult content by topic and category. These directories are also a good option for workers who do not want to pay for advertising but still want to attract new clients and workers.

Location Data: If you have access to edit data, a common way to promote your website is by creating a social media profile that offers location information about the person browsing the site. This can be done by posting a Google Maps link on your profile. The link can direct interested visitors to your adult website’s location.

Overall, an online platform offers the perfect opportunity to be successful at farming for profit. An in-person camming business need not necessarily mean working at the same physical location as your customers. By using the various online platforms and social media, adult performers can successfully cater to both clientele needs and increase their income.


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